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Roland, Cleve Principal
Phillips, Jimmy Superintendent/ Curriculum & Technology Director
Green, Robert Federal Programs Director

Broxton, Joan 6th Grade science and 7th grade science
Chesnut, Kathy Secretary
Conner, Rebecca Sixth Grade Science
Houston, Kristan Special Education
McConnell, Zach Special Education
Miller, Melinda Seventh Grade Math
Myrick, Sherita Sixth Grade Math
Powell, April Special Education
Roberts, Ricky Social Studies
Roland, Cleve Principal
Roland, Jennifer Eighth Grade/Language Arts
Sauls, Michael Physical Education
Thomas, Eric 6th Grade Social Studies
Vann, Tammy 8th Grade Math
Williams, Lori Special Education

Bellflower, Julie Guidance Counselor
Chesnut, Kathy Secretary
Kelly, Alex Special Education
Mock, Pam School/Food Nutrition Manager/Supervisor
Poff, Valarie Special Education
Varnadoe, Dottie School Bookkeeper